Cleaning Your Condenser Coils

Condensers have lungs just like us, the metal fins of a condenser must be able to replace the hot air trapped inside throughout the cooling operation, standard maintenance is great idea and something you can do yourself. We recommend turning your unit off before...

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Why Your Air Conditioner Might be Freezing

Air conditioners operate on fine tuning, there are only a few reasons why your unit is freezing. Some of the main reasons why a condenser or evaporator coil can freeze: Is your air filter dirty? Does the indoor fan blow air? Is the evaporator coil dirty? Are the...

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Extend the Life of Your Furnace with Maintenance

Your gas furnace requires regular maintenance, for more than 1 reason central gas heating can have various wear and tear, while some of these are able to be neglected without notice other items can be hazardous to your home and health. Natural gas over time will...

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Is It Just a Capacitor Replacement?

Capacitor Replacement is a simple fix and doesn’t take much time to complete. but why did the capacitor fail? Throughout the summer HVAC units are put to the test! They will operate night and day, the capacitor stores energy for consistent energy distribution to fan...

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Condenser Fan Replacement

Original condenser fan motors normally live a long life, 6-8 years actually! however they should be replaced before failure. When it’s time to replace yours, make sure it’s not a generic replacement, generic parts function on average at 3-5 years. While most will...

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