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TX HVAC has over 10  years experience in the HVAC and Refrigeration industry. Our pride is on the line with every review and your satisfaction. Our diversified skills keep businesses and home owners optimally functional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does my A/C run all day?

There are many reasons for this condition, have your refrigerant levels been checked? Is the indoor fan running? The best answer to any HVAC question is professional diagnosis.

I don't get a lot air in some rooms

This is another question that can be an HVAC riddle, Is your filter clean? Is your Evap. coil dirty? Do you have dampers? A quick affordable HVAC inspection can quickly answer this mystery.

How long does it take fix my air conditioner?

We work on residential HVAC and Commercial HVAC-R, we have the knowledge, and can repair most central air conditioning problems in under 30 mins.