Original condenser fan motors normally live a long life, 6-8 years actually! however they should be replaced before failure. When it’s time to replace yours, make sure it’s not a generic replacement, generic parts function on average at 3-5 years.

While most will charge an arm and a leg to replace these motors, you’ll find that our pricing for original fan motors is about the same as our competitions price for generic parts.

Condenser fan motors do give warning before failure.

  • Listen for squeaking, loud motors or buzzing noises
  • Look for higher electric bills
  • Short cycle condenser operation
  • Higher electric bills?

Testing the amperage of fan motors can prevent higher energy use. A regular maintenance visit is more cost effective than waiting for failure.

Condensers that are not leveled are also a primary cause of premature fan failure.

Replacing fan motors is a common service than can usually be completed within 30-60 minutes.

Spare yourself the suffering of going without air conditioning in Texas weather, our technicians are professional and efficient.