Senior-HVAC-Technician - Kaled Hammad

AC Maintenance

Seasonal HVAC maintenance can serve 1 of 2 benefits or both.
1) Prevent premature failure of your air conditioner.
2) A full diagnosis can give you an early warning that a system is about to fail.

Wouldn't it be nice to know your A/C was going to fail long for it's hot in July? If you answered yes, then give us a give call. Our technicians are helpful and will explain all findings clearly so you know what our maintenance has repaired or detected.

  • Inspect amperage of all motors
  • Diagnose refrigerant levels
  • Inspect compressor functionality
  • Check capacitors
  • Determine overall unit efficiency

The weather in DFW can be highly unpredictable, don't find yourself unprepared for a hot summer. AC maintenance can be completed in an hour or less.

Seasonal HVAC maintenance, is affordable and safe you from having to replace the unit you already have. Don't neglect the air conditioner that keeps your home comfortable.