Electrical and Gas Heating Installation

Heater Installation

Need to install a new heater? We have a full team to get the job done conveniently without the need to lose an entire day. A new heater or gas furnace is safer than taking your chances with older equipment that may be leaking gas or simply running a high energy bill from old motors.

Have it inspected to find out for sure what condition your heater is in.

Most heater installations can be completed in or under 3 hours. We pride ourselves on professional performance and absolute customer satisfaction.

We are FAMILY OWNED and don't have a large overhead, the benefit is that this makes us affordable.

  • We follow mechanical code for your safety
  • We are licensed and insured
  • HVAC installs are not complete unit we have 100% satisfaction
  • Our prices can't be beat for the quality given

While we can do a great job installing a new electrical heater or gas furnace, we ask you to do your part in maintaining a healthy unit in your home.
We offer seasonal maintenance packages, to diagnose and report all conditions of your HVAC unit. This is critical to the safety of your home and saving you from having to replace a unit prematurely.